Infrastructure Appreciation Day

Roel M. Hogervorst


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It is amazing that I have clean, drinking water out of my faucets in house. Everyday, I can just open the tap and drink from it (I do this a lot).

The water in my house is rainwater, filtered through dunes near the sea, pushed through several processing steps and is finally delivered at the same constant pressure in my house.

That means that upstream the water has enough pressure for all houses in this area. That means that this upstream source has enough reserve. It also means that all connections are working. No one messes with the pipeline network all the way from the dunes (approx 30 kms away) all the way into my house. That means that there are clear laws about ground use, clear ways of knowing where pipes are in the ground and incentives not to mess with those. That means the government is stable enough to uphold laws.

Furthermore there is enough clean drinking water that we even do laundry and toilet flushing with it.

Also the costs for clean water are low.

That is really amazing.

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