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What is it about these artists that make me appreciate their work so much? I don’t know. I just wanted to share them, in the hope you get as much joy as I receive. I especially enjoy music that sounds amazing and only when you listen to the lyrics do you realize that it is silly.

And ehm, yeah this is all not really safe for work if they listen to the lyrics.

Tenacious D

Need no introduction really. Kyle Gass and Jack Black are brilliant. Of course you know Tribute and maybe you know The Metal if you’ve played Guitar Hero 3.

But their recent work like Woman Time and (_god it’s been 10 years!) Low hanging fruit are awesome too.

Jon Lajoia

There was a time 15 years ago where I was completely hooked on Jon Lajoie (youtube channel). (professional website) He’s started making new music under the name Wolfie’s just Fine which is great because that man is incredibly talented.

One of the best ones is this video and music in the style of Coldplay in their early period.

Alone in the universe

A still from the youtube video where Jon walks on the beach]

And this commentary on pop videos. Pop Song

Tom Cardy

I discovered Tom Cardy recently. He’s a salty Australian artist and I love his energy. He seems to record all his songs and videos in the same studio. All of these songs are straight up pop-bangers!

Still of Tom Cardy from youtube, yes, all his videos are shot in portrait mode

Funniest right now

Jazz Emu

And finally, an English artist with a bucket full of pop bangers.

Hardest pop bangers:

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