Aggregating all My Tags over all My Websites

Roel M. Hogervorst


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What if I could link all my blogposts together into one browsable page? That is what I’ve attempted to do with my new project.

All my blogposts at and have tags. And since yesterday they all have a difficulty level too.

I’m using hugo to create the pages for both sites, and I’ve build up a set of taxonomies (as they call it in hugo parlance)

   category = 'categories'
   tag = 'tags'
   post-type = 'post-type'
   difficulty = 'difficulty'

Every post has tags, a post-type and a difficulty. Difficulties are one of beginner, intermediate or advanced and blogtypes are restricted to:

Tags are more free but fit into the larger network that I set up in

from tags to knowledge

Hugo makes the decision that tags are flat, there are no hierarchies. so to add that I either have to hack the tagging system or build something on top. So I did the last thing.

Ultimately all the blogposts (and maybe a link blog too) should fit into the larger network of knowledge and I want to be able to traverse the graph to find articles that are related.

So how do you build a network? I chose to create a dataframe of nodes and a dataframe of edges that combine into a network.

nodes have an name, description, and a list of external links. here is the top of the nodes data.frame in R:

nodes <- tibble::tribble(
  ~name, ~description, ~external_links,
  "Data Structures", "High level topic from computer science", list(wikidata="Q175263"),
  "Graph","A data structure for networks", list(wikidata="Q2479726"),
  "dataframe", "Structure to represent two-dimensional tabular data with labeled axes (rows and columns)", list(wikidata="Q107420052"),
  "R", "the R language", list(wikidata="Q206904"),
  "Go", "",list(),
  "Bash", "",list(),
  'Python', "the Python language", list()

And here are the edges:

edges <- tibble::tribble(
  # subject, predicate, object
  ~from, ~relation, ~to,
  "XGboost","skos:narrower", "Boosted Tree Models",
  "LightGBM","skos:narrower", "Boosted Tree Models",
  "Catboost", "skos:narrower", "Boosted Tree Models",
  "Graph", "skos:inScheme", "Data Structures",
  "dataframe", "skos:inScheme", "Data Structures"

I made the system a bit more complicated then absolutely necessary (breaking YAGNI):

I can do this very easily with blogposts because both the notes and blog webpages export a json export of all posts too (I use that for local search).


For now my idea is to use D3 to visualise the network and I want to be able to select all blogposts at distance 3 or something based on the network selection.

I’m excited by this project because just revisiting the blogs and tagnetwork inspired me for a number of new blogpost ideas!