Making your Videocalls Better

Roel M. Hogervorst


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A collection of things to make your videocalls better:

The goat

First the goat: a farm in Lancashire, England gives you the ability to add a goat to your meeting. You give them the adres, they point a webcam on the goat of your choice and it will join the meeting for 5 minutes.

The goats are savvy in Zoom, Microsoft teams, Webex, Blue Jeans, Skype, Google Hangouts, Jitsi, Go To Meeting and Ring Central.

a screenshot of their absolute unit of a page

Gestures to interact with your video

Cameron Hunter (@cameronhunter) uses the snap camera to add cartoon style exclamations to his videocalls. This tool detects moves you make and creates a composite of the webcam and animations on top of it.

Pre recording

Jesse Orrall over at CNET had to attent a lot of meetings over zoom and he created a set of videos to auto respond to those. Of course it took him even more work than attending the meetings, and he had to press buttons to respond correctly but the idea is marvelous.

Still from the video, where Jesse prerecords reactions

Also the CNET website is a steamy piece of garbage to interact with, so if you can stand it, here is the youtube version of the video.

So I hope you find these things inspirational, they were for me!

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