Hardware for Status

Roel M. Hogervorst


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Over at hackaday.com 2 months back this beautiful elegant status switching board was described:

Becky Stern sets her status manually

Becky Stern describes in the video how she created this tool, it is supersimple in design but I think the hardware component makes it so much easier to set your status in slack/teams/whatever tool you use.

The complete hackaday post is here This video also made me think about something I can longer find, but in the early 2000s someone did a study to enable collaboration and it worked like this (according to my recollection, which is not all to reliable):

I believe they found that because it is a nice physical object people were more likely to use it. And because the signal was a reliable indicator, people were not interupted during their concentration time, and were interrupted when they wanted it

So I guess physical tokens are really useful!

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