Typing less with Espanso

Roel M. Hogervorst


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I have been typing a lot lately in my zettelkasten. and that made me think about improving my typing by using some sort of text expanding device. I have several devices that I want to work equivalently I have a linux laptop, a macbook, and for $work I have to use a windows laptop. There are not many programs that work across all of those devices. I’m now trying out espanso which seems to work everywhere (mac, linux, windows)! I want to define the words in one place and sync over devices.

Espanse is not on android yet, but I feel typing on android needs something different.

This is just a rough outline

some handy markdown things

Words I often use

What doesn’t work

It seems Rstudio blocks pasting, or at least the results are only half. when it type :mdl it only pastes [](

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