Solving ‘ Cannot Open Shared Object’ in grDevices::grSoftVersion()

Roel M. Hogervorst


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This is a small troubleshooting solution I had while building a docker container on rocker/r-ver:latest (rocker/r-ver:4.0.2)


I had a script that created a picture with ggsave. However it seemed to fail on an obscure reason:

Warning message:
In grDevices::grSoftVersion() :
  unable to load shared object '/usr/local/lib/R/modules//': cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

First of all this should be an error and not a warning. There is no png file created (this grSoftVersion() function is probably called in ggplot2::ggsave()). Secondly, I don’t know why it isn’t in the container. Probably to keep it lightweight.

Information about the environment

I have used the rocker container r-verse:4.0.2 (latest R version) which is build on


What I did was add a missing apt package: (sudo) apt-get install libxt6

Or in docker language RUN apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends libxt6

This finally fixed the issue that I tried to solve for 2 days.