Wearable Computing

Roel M. Hogervorst


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Timothy VladimĂ­r Hobbs a programmer and builder from the Czech Republic has a dream: having a computer that you can bring with you that is not obstructing your view and that works everywhere. His post Adventures in wearable computing goes into a deep dive and experimentation of different types of headgear.

This picture looks the most futuristic to me:

Timothy wears goggles to display computer and has his hands on keyboards in self sewed pockets on his side

He tries out several things with hilarious descriptions

No magic here folks. You’re really just cramming a tiny LCD screen up right next to your eye ball.

Fundamentally it seems most of these devices don’t work that well because the interpupil distance cannot go small enough for him and many others:

It’s not just me that is being left behind, somewhere around 15% of all men and nearly half of all women are being left out on this technological revolution!

This is so superfrustrating! It is like the company only tested on males.

Sadly, in the end Timothy cannot fulfill his dream:

For now, I have given up on video glasses and augmented reality. I’ll have to wait for a pair of glasses that don’t give me a headache. I’d be willing to pay $2-3 000 for them, but they have to work, they have to have a clear image, and they cannot come with a warning that I should take a break every 30 minutes and cease use if I feel like throwing up.

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