We Demand Rigidly Defined Areas of Doubt and Uncertainty!

Roel M. Hogervorst


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In ‘The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy’, a philosopher (Vroomfondel) argues that the quest for the ultimate truth is not suitable for computers and wants policy for it:

We demand Rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty

And although I am fairly certain that Douglas Adams just really loved the play with words: Rigidly defined vs uncertainty, this does not prevent project managers in IT, or stockbrokers to use this quote in wholly inapplicable ways. But who am I to judge them, I will do the same thing.

An image of two roads diverging

I talked to a friend yesterday how policy has become polarized (wearing a mask, sending children to school or not). Your position becomes part of your identity or your identity forces you into a position. Are we afraid to of uncertainty? Are we unable to say: “There is not enough information”?

I think there are areas of certainty:

And maybe we DO need to rigidly define the areas of doubt and uncertainty:

So let’s practice for when someone wants to know something that is uncertain and say it with me:

We (currently) do not know

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