Stats Terminology and Computer Science

Roel M. Hogervorst


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I am thinking about the meaning of specific terms and confusing things are for new people in Data Science. I came into data science from psychology. Although psychology is quite statistics heavy (for social sciences) and I did take an extra statistics elective, I never considered a statistics master program. I graduated in Medical Psychology. I felt miserable in a PhD program in Health Psychology and in a roundabout way I ended up in the methods and statistics department of Psychology. After some time there I took a data-science traineeship and I took online courses in data science.

I also read a lot of data science writing. And boy are some terms confusing.

Things that are not understood the same:

There are several ways of dealing with this confusion: You can write blogposts, complain to people or sigh. But I think we cannot proscribe what people use, there are rich traditions in social science, economy, math and computer science that ended up using terms in their own way. I write it down into my knowledge notes and I try to ask questions and to simplify what I understand the issue to be.

Just keep asking questions about the most simple things. Let people explain their terms. You might catch yourself filling in wrong assumptions. And you might learn new words!

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