Pseudo Profound Bullshit

Roel M. Hogervorst


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Today I’d like you all to go to and click on mindfulness mode. It is a beautiful website with random texts placed on inspiring landscapes, the background music is zen-like and once in a while you will hear a gong. It mimics the look and feel of every generic mindfulness app I have seen. Here are some of the creations that made me laugh:

flame background with text ’ be potentially unique’

‘sacrificing education begins with changing the oceans’

Most of what the bots says seems deep and wise, untill you start to think about what it actually means. This is a well known psychological phenomenon: ‘pseudo profound bullshit’. Now bullshitting (BS) is not lying.

Pseudo profound bullshit

Lying is when you know what the truth is, but you intentionally provide information that isn’t true.[1]

Bullshitting is when you don’t know what the truth is, but you provide information about it anyways.[1] For example:

“Quantum mechanics describes consciousness as a superposition of possibilities”

Lying requires a deliberate twisting of the truth, whereas bullshitters have no concern for the truth; they simply want to express insight to impress others.[1]

Donald Trump and Deepak Chopra have been accused of being a bullshitter.

Are some people more susceptible to BS? According to the study yes: Bullshit receptivity correlated very strongly with religious beliefs, as well as beliefs in the paranormal, conspiracy theories, and complementary and alternative medicines. It was negatively correlated with measures of intelligence, skepticism, and rationality, but not numeracy.[3]

The less people tend to reflect on or analyze information (compared to simply going with what “feels right”), the more likely they are to endorse BS statements as truly insightful.[1]

I think we should be careful with these ‘profound’ sounding quotes, you don’t have to throw away everything you don’t understand, and I think it is fine if some quote serves as a reminder to be more present, care about others or any other good advise.

Or inoculate yourself against wise sounding quotes by visiting inspirobot to train your BS-detector:

‘retarded starvation’

A story of a tailor that makes no sense at all

And I’ll leave you with the following words of wisdom: ‘Accept mindfullness, start your own cult’

I want to know more!

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