Cultivating a News Feed

Roel M. Hogervorst


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I’ve been on twitter for almost 10 years, but I never really used the lists. I discovered that lists are really really useful! You should probably use them too.

I noticed myself getting too much into doomscrolling, just browsing my twitter timeline, switching to mastodon, moving to reddit, going through my RSS feeds in feedly. And still feeling a bit antsy at the end.

What I really wanted from that browsing is distraction, so what I ended up creating was a personal twitter list with just good vibes. A twitter list to bring your mental balance back to ‘normal’. Some example accounts it contains:

This is not specific to twitter, you can create aggregated rss feeds or mastodon lists too.

You don’t have to create it for fun only. You can create specific lists for specific topics: I created one for the most interesting people in data science for instance. Following this list keeps me up to date with latest development in data science.

The difficulty is in curating the lists. You have to classify and judge accounts for those lists, more specific one topic accounts are better.

None of the lists I created are public, they are for me, if you want to follow public lists these are some recommendations on twitter:

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