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So I’m reading a lot right now and I have 2 e-readers, one kobo aura and one older model kindle keyboard and there is one thing that I find frustrating. My kindle has a power off function, but you have to really want to use that function. When I turn off the screensaver it goes to my last place where it was. It used to work for weeks on a single battery charge. My kobo, not so.

After 6 hours or so it turns off into hibernation. The screen still displays something but to use the device, you have to press a button and it goes through an entire bootup session. Then it starts in the main menu and I have to press the book I was reading to go to the page I was before. For me that makes no sense at all, because I have seen a better user experience: The kindle is super energy efficient, it only uses energy to flip the e-ink particles, so every change of page requires energy. But it is not using energy untill I press a button to the next page. If I turn it on, (not really, it was already on but on screensaver = no energy) it brings me right back into the page I was before.

Now I like the touch screen in the kobo and the fact you can read epubs and not only a weird amazon custom format. But I wish it was more focused on reading, not on the store, on buying stuff, connecting all your accounts. For me personally I wish it was bit more stupid: display epubs and possibly pdf, don’t use energy except when it changes pages or I press the screen, know I read a book so stay in that book unless I want to go out to ‘home’. Make it simpler, better suited for the task I bought it for: reading books.

Maybe I should look for alternative distros for kobo, ….

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