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Roel M. Hogervorst


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I am regularly thinking about what a personal assistant should be like, instead of what a mobile phone is, right now. Your personal tech assistant should work for you, not for the company that created it or that created its operating system.

So lets imagin a future where we have a personal assistant that works for us.

In my mind the personal assistant is very specific in how it shares your location, if at all. Sharing is contextual. Not everyone gets the same details.

If my girlfriends wants to know my exact location, my assistant should give it. If I’m under way during work time and the company I work for needs to know my location, my assistant should supply it. If I’m not working, the company I work for should not receive my location. If I want to be completely private, my assistant should not supply my location at all.

Location is also not the same as gps coordinates. My assistant should also be able to supply levels of location details. For instance my assistant could supply a description: “at work”, “traveling”, “at home”, or only a city, or burrow.

So different groups of people get different levels of detail.

So your assistant asks you questions: What is Jack to you? A lover, close friend, a friend, acquaintance, coworker, family etc. (this is something I will work out in different post)

If family asks your location, what level should they get by default? And all the time or only between certain times?

Your digital personal assistant works for you, so you get to decide who gets to know your location.

image source: Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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