Schedule posts and netlify magic

Roel M. Hogervorst


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This is a quick hack that I did not realize actually worked.

I often collect a lot of things and would like to spread them out over time. So I schedule the posts on different dates. However, posts in the future are not yet build and if I don’t push anything to this repo netlify will not run the hugo process. I have a solution, but I first need some context:

This blog and the main one (See button above) are created from github - to netlify to interwebs.

It is possible to manually trigger a rebuild of your website in netlify, but there is also a possibility for other hooks to build your website.

like so

Use the unique url you get in a post request to rebuild your website.

Now comes the magic, although netlify tells us about Zapier hooks to deploy your website, I don’t have zapier. But I do have IFTTT. And IFTTT can do GET or POST requests!

I set up a IFTTT task:

This now triggers a new build, thrice a week so everything is fresh