Someone needs to fix this, that person is you

Roel M. Hogervorst


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Today I read a lovely account about Harold Jeffreys, by E.J. Wagenmakers and M. Marsman.

What bothered me was one of their subheadings:

Someone Badly Needs to Fix the Wikipedia Entry for Harold Jeffreys

You know who that someone is, Eric Jan and Maarten? You are!

You were so close! Not only did you find the wikipedia article, because you quoted from it, but it would have cost you absolutely no time to edit that article with the information you just wrote down in a blog post.

Just hit that pencil in the corner and edit the page. There are no professional wikipedia writers, it’s all people like you who:

There is no one else. You are an expert in this field, you write lovely prose.

Help everyone out here man.